Avail is a B2B platform aimed at creators, which lets them buy/sell supplies and services.

The scope of this project includes Product, Business and Service design, as well as branding.

Type of Project



Creative Services



Problem Statement

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the creative industries face challenges in procuring necessary supplies due to limited access to reliable vendors, fragmented markets, and complex procurement processes.

The Solution.

Avail is an end-to-end B2B platform chatbot that connects businesses with service providers and suppliers. This project aims to create a comprehensive streamlined platform for connecting clients, vendors, and service providers.

Primary Research

Market Need

Challenges in finding reliable and skilled professionals and resources in the creative industry.

Networking and Collaboration

Customers appreciate a platform that enables them to network with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.

Customer Preferences

Customers prefer a vetted network of creative professionals and service providers, ensuring trust and reliability.

Pricing Models

Both free and a subscription based models are preferred. The subscription model negates paying commision.

User Research

"I need a platform with secure transactions"

"I'm open to a platform as long as it has a low cost"

"I'm on the lookout for tools to streamline my workflow"

"Secure payment is important to me. Escrow sounds good to me"